Babiease, Baby Nurse Services, established in 2003, was created to help parents though the first months with new little ones.  Babiease serves families with new parent support, for a calm transition.  Whether you are a first-time parent or want to get on a good start, Babiease is there to guide you.

Services include but not limited to: New Mommy Support, Specialized Multiples Support (including twins, triplets, quads, and quints), Getting onto a Schedule, Sleep Training, Solving Nap and Nighttime Sleep Issues, Feeding Challenges (reflux and other feeding issues), In-Home and Phone Consultations.

Serving Washington,DC,  Bethesda,Maryland,  Alexandria,Virginia,  Leesburg,Virginia,  State College,Pennsylvania,  Austin,Texas,  Round Rock, Texas,  Pebble Beach,California,  Carmel,California,  Chicago,Illinois,  Hollywood,Florida,  and beyond.




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Disclaimer: A Baby Nurse is a newborn specialist. Meredith Ball is not a licensed nurse, Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She will not perform clinical or medical care on Mother or Baby. The use of the term "nurse" is not acceptable in some states. By law only a licensed nurse, R.N or L.P.N, may hold the title of nurse. Baby Nurses in these states are known as Newborn Specialists. Babiease, LLC is a nationwide service and because the term "Baby Nurse" is permitted in the remaining states, the term will be left on this website.