We offer packages as well as hourly rates.  Choose which is best for you!

Expectant Parents Package:
Consultation $300 (up to 2 hours)
Preparing you for a calm transition to parenting.
  • How to have a calm transition with your newborn by providing you practical time proven tips.
  • Professional direction on what you will and will not need for your baby.
  • Recommendation on the best products.
  • How to practically organize your nursery to encourage good sleep habits.
  • One follow up phone or email consultation after your baby arrives.
New Mommy Package:
Consultation $500
Supporting the family in the first weeks home from the hospital.
  • Providing direction on your baby’s needs of sleep and feedings.
  • How to settle your baby to sleep and other soothing techniques.
  • How your day should look with your newborn.
  • Unlimited phone and email consultations for three weeks.
Sleepless Mommy and Baby:
Consultation $700
Personalized plan to support your baby's need for sleep; rest for your entire family!
  • Thorough examination of your baby’s day and the challenges you are having through the Babiease Questionnaire.
  • Providing direction on what amount of sleep your baby needs, how to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep.
  • How to teach your baby to sleep and stay asleep. 
  • How to get your baby to sleep through the night.
  • Two weeks of unlimited follow up phone or emails ensuring that our plan is working.

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  Baby Nurse Care

Babiease services are tailored to fit each families needs.
Supporting parents while bringing knowledgeable care that will help ease the transition into parenting.
  • Supporting breast feeding (or pumping) and bottle feeding
  • Seeing problems, i.e., reflux, developmental, and bringing them to the parents.
  • A basic knowledge of medical care of newborns and preemies
  • Specialized in the care of twins, triplets, and more.
  • Knowledge of how to put the babies onto a schedule and fixing it when a problem arises
  • Nursery organization
  • Understanding how an apnea monitor works and working with other medical equipment/challenges
  • Training nanny and/or family help
When working at night:
  • Feedings, bathing, bottle preparation, laundry, etc.
  • Follow a feeding schedule, logging along the way
  • Encourage the babies to sleep a long stretch
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Note: Babiease, LLC is not intended to replace the advise or guidance of your baby's doctor.  Consult ALL doctors and medical professionals involved in your baby's care before any medical (i.e., feeding, medications, therapy) changes are made.









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Disclaimer: A Baby Nurse is a newborn specialist. Meredith Ball is not a licensed nurse, Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She will not perform clinical or medical care on Mother or Baby. The use of the term "nurse" is not acceptable in some states. By law only a licensed nurse, R.N or L.P.N, may hold the title of nurse. Baby Nurses in these states are known as Newborn Specialists. Babiease, LLC is a nationwide service and because the term "Baby Nurse" is permitted in the remaining states, the term will be left on this website.